Ceremonial Singer / Songwriter and musician

Luna Harp maker and intuitive Harp & voice mentor. 

Luna harp Sisterhood Pilgrimages, Luna lodges, earth energy work

Joie is a ceremonial singer/song writer and community facilitator offering energetic music and music projects for these times. Joie splits her time nurturing Luna harp project; empowering sensitive musicians to strengthen their medicine voices and harp playing, whilst hand making Luna harps at Oaks farm Firewood near the Lavender fields in Banstead. Together they grow and Joie co creates luna harp pilgrimages and luna lodges She co nurtures the luna harp sisterhood who share intention to bring back energetic balance to the earth through sound and harps. She also curates multiple voice, singing workshops, ceremonies for events, festivals, gatherings. 


Joie de Winter’s music is energetic ambient folk style songs that tenderly ignite the sweet warrior spirit. on shared journey into the soul. Her new album ‘ANKher’ produced by Davey Williams is currently being recorded. Joie release one of the songs ‘Arms of Grace’ on 11th December 2020 to mark the anniversary of her mother who passed a year before.

It id distributed by Distrokid and available on multiple platforms.

Joie has spent the last 8 years quietly serving the community and land offering heart song circles, sound healing journeys and voice activation sessions. Its only in last three years after returning from mexico for a year, Joie felt the calling to release the medicine songs inside her. In the smaller communities shes known to create energetic trance like sound scapes and tender heart songs. She has been on a mission to give people back their intuitive voices and to empower communities of medicine singers.

​Joie first began playing irish folk music at 19 and the turning point was at a gathering called 13 moons in Devon. It was here she helped host one of the lodges for 5 days with a Nenets medicine musician from siberia. It was there the Nenets women woke her up to tell her that she must use hre voice to bring healing, it was my gift. She said you must believe 100% and go to the water as your teacher. Year later at the gathering Joie naturally found herself opening a free heart singing space for women to express their own medicine and Heart song circles was born. For the next three years Joie showed up and offered ceremonial singing spaces in nature. And then met her partner who pushed her to deepen into medicine music by embarking on a year trip to Mexico. In that year Joie delved into the healing power of sound and music, she wanted to know how she could hold stronger space for energetic healing. It was there she got a vision of a circle of women playing harps to bring back harmony to the earth. She found the Gnombi style harp and had one made, little did she know she would be making 13 harps. This occupied the last three years. Inbetween that she has focused on empowering individuals with voive and harp sessions and energetic sound clearings in nature. And began sharing the luna harp sisterhood pilgrimage to glastonbury. During this time to now Joie had a deep journey of caring and loosing her mother and going through lock down which allowed her the space to feel and begin birthing her Grounding Album ANKher.

ANKher album began to unfold when Joie wrote a song Arms of grace for her mother. She felt called to visit glastonbury for healing and discovered the work of inner balancing the masculine and feminine energies. This theme is very big in her Luna harp project too, restoring balance with in. The meaning of Ankher is multi layered. It is about anchor her: her mother, the feminine, herself into the the earth. A relevant need for these times, to stay anchored as we move through great shifts. The songs on the album all encourage this semiotic connection back to the earth, expressions of love and life. The arms of grace is a song to support those to move through grief, grief of letting go of the old. Where as ‘Come Away with Love’ was written around the time of lock down break up, was her song to reclaim back her love. It just so happened the lyrics resonated alot with the journey people were going through about people coming back home to being in isolation. To ground is to surrender and remember our true essence, so when the storms hit we are able to gracefully learn and not fall, but infact let life evolve from the heart.

Other tracks include harp pieces Tree of Love, It’s always been and Di Dor kori. Di Kor Kori is infact a song that came through in a temazcal, a channelled song that was an expression to the sacred, to aknowledge, honour and bring the sacred alive.

In addition to her album release, Joie has helped set up fundraising music events for Fellowship of the trees raising money, and often supports conscious events like Sacred sound festival. She is passionate about the restoration of nature and restoration of human consciousness.


She is inspired by the way ancient Medicine music and the Bwiti tribes use music as a tool to honour nature and help unite and bring people back into the soul with trance state ceremonies. On her journey of delving into medicine music in Mexico for a year she came to realise just how powerful focused ceremonial singing can be and is inspired to share this in modern music. She witnessed how songs energetically move and clear our energy, songs come through us and travel through the water, restructuring and carrying our songs like vibrations and prayers. She also witnessed how the spirit songs help to speak and shift parts of our blockages and retrieve spirit. How every person deserves a song entering this world. She is inspired to work with mothers, the passing, women and the waters.


She knows how working with her voice has helped her rebuild her connection, and is drawn to support others in exploring the intuitive voice. She is inspired by singing in circles and in the landscapes, offering people immersive space to reconnect.


Boundless in the unknown she cant say what genre of music, but often you can find a fusion of her life experiences with intuitive expression. Her past songs seem to help people transition through grief, or to speak of relevant messages of that time. ‘Come away with love was a reminder that we are love inside, whilst In the arms of grace was a personal song created to help her mother pass.

Joie plays her hand made harps, a modern gnombi style harp, with voice and guitar. Her lyrics come with space for intuitive toning and loop pedal work. She is new to production but experimenting in her home studio recently.

She first was enchanted by Irish Folk music, how you can time travel back and evoke ancient values through songs, integrate lost wisdom. She didn’t feel she was ever a musician until she crossed paths with A Siberian Nenets medicine women who guided her to delve into medicine singing with the waters and land. From here she held Intuitive nature based singing ceremonies and circles for 4 years helping people free their heart songs. She felt that the earth had songs to tell. Later she went on to explore the healing power of song in Mexico for a year and returned to begin her journey sharing song and hand making 13 luna harps for 13 sisters. This is a project focused on nurturing a community of strong conscious harp sisters, who share the vision to bring harmony to the earth and communities. Solo music creation is a new path for her having been in community service, one she is curious about.

Photo: Hannah Elizabeth

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  1. Joie, we crossed paths years ago. Today I read your website and it touches a deep part of me, this morning I am in a stripped back raw celebration of the human instrument and send simple appreciation for all that you share. Tallula


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