Joie offers and holds space for unique ceremonies, you can invite her to play music for a unique happening, to create a ceremony for men and womens work, or to hold a pre and post birth ceremony for welcoming your baby with friends and family:

  • pre-birthing ceremonies for babies
  • Music for funerals or the passing
  • Men and women unity circles
  • Women Circles
  • Accompany yoga classes
  • Water music ceremonies
  • Music for tantra workshops
  • Music for movement medicine sessions
  • New co-created collaborations





Joie offers group and one to one:

  • GUITAR INTRODUCTION / £40 for one hour

This involves learning basic chords, getting confident with rhythms, teaching songs, learning to play with emotion. Can visit your house or work in nature London area. Based near Morden Hall Park.


  • LUNA HARP INTRODUCTION / £45 / 1.30 hour

This involves introduction to harp, harp patterns, teaching some songs, intuitive playing, building confidence on the modern african harps that she makes.

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  • VOICE WORK / One on one / £45 hour to 90 minute session in nature                                                                                                                                             A one on one voice opening work. She is guided to helping you move through your blocks and give space for you to discover your true voice. You can work with the guitar, drum or harp. Involving voice opening exercises, guided meditation, warm up exercises. She works intuitively helping you let go and reclaim your true expression. She uses the 4 years experience she has of holding heart song circles helping groups unlock and re-find their true expression with spirit.


  • HARP AND VOICE WORK / £60 / 2 hours / combination session

We can work one on one with helping to find your authentic voice and give introduction to harp playing. Its a very relaxed and organic process. Vocal warmups, meditation guided, music jams, and toning. Uses 4 years experience of holding Heart song circles.

  • MEDICINE SONG in Spanish / £40 an hour

Joie can teach you how to play and sing Spanish medicine songs that she learn on her year in Mexico, for people wanting to share in ceremonies or for themselves. She also sells a music medicine booket for £10 extra for you to take away and practice with.

  • Write Your own medicine song / £65 / 2 hour Session.                                                  Come on a journey with Joie and begin to unfold and listen to the land. Together we can learn to expression with the heart and unlock your voice, start to work on finding your own medicine song through improvisation and drumming. Taking a song back with you. This will be more of an introduction to get you connected to expressing with nature and your essence. We will tune in to where we are at and where we want to be, and create a song that moves us towards this vision. A song which you can continue to sing over the months to help bring that vibration into reality. It can be a song for healing your womb, to cultivate confidence, to welcome presence and abundance.







£1,550, 2 MONTHS WORK


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ABOUT//  Joie de Winter Hand makes bespoke healing Harps in London from the branch to the finished piece. Joie is focused on creating a unique series of 13 Harps for 13 women. She works very intuitively with each women and the vision is to form a harp healing sisterhood that can work together in bringing healing through this beautiful tool. Each women works with the harp in their own way, and there will be gatherings and opportunities to co-create and support one another growth.  One lady will use the harp to help women find their voice in circles, another may be focused on healing the water, another working with womb healing and birthing.


INTENTION // The intention of making these harps is to open the heart, uplift spirit, to cultivate compassion and balance back in this world. These harps are for those who are drawn to sharing healing sounds and music for themselves, family, community, and the earth. Original design comes from Mexico inspired by Harps from Africa Gabon. In Gabon the harp music was played to uplift the spirits and heal the communities. The harps were made with prayer and are to be seen as the goddess themselves.

These harps have 13 strings, from E to E. Made of ethical animal goat skin, seasoned wood base, tuning pegs, nylon strings, danish oil and Bry wax finish polished. They also come with a tuning wrench and small introduction lesson on hand over. You can get harp bags made and sacred burnt artwork for an extra cost. The art work can be designed by you, a collaboration or left for Joie to create.


THE MAKING PROCESS //   Joie is working closely with each person and consciously inviting people to embrace all the healing aspects of this harp, from the medicine of the wood, skin and sounds. Each harp is tailor made with details available. You can add crystals, sacred burnt artwork for added cost. Joie will share information about the wood and trees they are made from. She works also with the moon cycles and sings through out her process.


PRE ORDER//    If you would like to buy a harp you may need to pre order as there is a waiting list each taking 2 months. I am up to harp 10 so there are 3 left. You can pay a deposit 50% to reserve your harp and rest on completion. You can email Joie with title Harp Making. or contact her on face book: joie de winter


STORY//   Joie had the gift of living in Mexico for a year studying medicine music and sound healing, whilst there she fell in love with this harp and the sound. She had one made and has been playing this instrument back in London in women circles, singing circles, ceremonies, for babies, pregnant mothers, for the dyeing,  live poetry performance, land ceremonies, sound healing journeys. She noticed that the harp alters people to meditative states and has a powerful impact on shifting energy. It brings people back into the heart. She began to notice how people were drawn to the harps and wanted to have their own so she set to birthing them. She hand makes harps in London and is open to travel and do residencies abroad. I wish you a beautiful journey with your harp, it will open many doors and help you connect more deeply to spirit. My intention is that it brings healing to life.



  • £1,550 Per hand made harp / 2 months work.
  • £100 for extra details on harp. Crystal work.
  • Bag not included


  • £45 an hour and half / Harp lessons one to one. You get a unique ceremony in the and over with basic harp introduction. Space to practice tuning.

POSTAGE// Extra / London Based






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