Ceremonial Singer / Songwriter / Musician / Luna Harp maker / Harp & Voice mentor / Harp Pilgrimages / Luna Lodges


Joie De Winter is a British born singer songwriter and ceremonial musician / voice facilitator on a mission to share deep connectivity, igniting the hearts, voices & spirit of humanity. Bringing forward the ancient singing traditions in these new times of change. She creates authentic, folk trance music, played during ceremonies, retreats and intimate concerts. Weaving a fusion of vocals, Luna harp, guitar and loop to Induce trance meditative states for people to journey deeper into their heart. De Winter’s music, is a blend of ambient folk music with touches of electronic elements, imbued with deep respect for Bwiti, shamanic and Egyptian traditions. Passionate to give people back their medicine voices she also offers luna Harp pilgrimages, bespoke Luna Harps and Singing lodges. Together in loving truth is the way forward.


She is inspired by the way ancient Medicine music and the Bwiti tribes use music as a tool to honour nature and help unite and bring people back into the soul with trance state ceremonies. On her journey of delving into medicine music in Mexico for a year she came to realise just how powerful focused ceremonial singing can be and is inspired to share this in modern music.

Connecting with medicine people across Mexico, Bali, Siberia she recognises that songs can direct energy and spirits in the physical, that they come through us, and is an ancient way community would restore balance and health.



She is currently recording her first solo album called ‘Ankher’ which holds the intention to offer grounding and integration towards the heart and unity. To anchor her, the feminine on earth, the mother within. ( Arms of grace, Tree of Love, Masks & Mirrors, Come Away with love, It’s always been, Song Bird, Let it go now, Butterfly Belly, I hear you brother, Im here for love …)


Joie splits her time creating music whilst nurturing Luna harp project; empowering sensitive female musicians to strengthen their medicine voices and harp playing in service for the earth. She has been hand making 13 harps for 13 women at Oaks farm Firewood near the Lavender fields in Banstead. The luna harp sisters is an ever evolving organic community nurtured by all.


Joie works intuitively with the voice helping people to open, deepen into their authentic medicine voice and authentic song writing. She offers a range of group and one to one sessions. You can visist her near her workshop or invite her to retreats, gatherings and holistic centres.




Photo: Hannah Elizabeth

5 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Joie, we crossed paths years ago. Today I read your website and it touches a deep part of me, this morning I am in a stripped back raw celebration of the human instrument and send simple appreciation for all that you share. Tallula


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